Environmental Education Program for Preventing and Control of Forest Fire on Transmission Line 500kV Messias/Recife II

The program had the objective of developing environmental education actions with local communities, to promote sustainable habits and a better coexistence with the transmission line.

It included the municipalities of Messias, Flexeiras, Matriz de Capibaribe, Joaquim Gomes and Novo Lino in Alagoas state and Xexéu, Palmares, Água Preta, Ribeirão, Primavera, Escada, Cabo de Santo Agostinho and Jaboatão dos Guararapes in Pernambuco state. Involving a total of 36 communities located in an approximate distance of 1 km from the transmission line central axis.

Workers involved in the operation and maintenance of the transmission line also participated in the program.

The program was developed in 3 stages: Diagnostic, Structuring Actions and Implantation of the environmental education program.

The Diagnostic stage consisted in visit to the municipalities, identifying the communities, socio environmental diagnostic workshops and institutional return workshops.

The Structuring stage consisted in the realization of Environmental Education Workshops to teachers and health agents, training of Local Environmental Educators and preparing community organization workshops.

In the Program Implantation Stage, workshops of use and conservation of water, sustainable agriculture, solid waste and preventing natural disasters were executed and the activities of the official subprogram of controlled fire, in which specific kits of fire control were donated in the field day.

As a final activity of the program, meetings of socialization with the objective of evaluating the first cycle of the program and reflect about it’s future were created.